The Finnish sales & management training company Kaswu Oy DoubleChecks that the agreed upon goals are actualized in everyday life, in collaboration with the clients, with a fresh twist, while honouring some basic principles.



Our mission is to conduct the teachings of our training occasions into everyday life. We are focused on finding solutions to questions about training-related know-how: How do we plan more effective training projects? How do we achieve better results through digital as well as traditional learning tools? How do we DoubleCheck better that the training projects’ goals have been translated into everyday life actions together with our clients?

Kaswu as a Finnish word means fiery effort, uncompromising attitude towards the basics principles, resilient follow-ups, sparkling enthusiasm as well as DoubleChecking the results together. We don’t offer magic trick methods, instead our method is based on functioning results produced in collaboration with our clients as well as on up-to-date research produced by our company.


Mikko Ojanen

The founder of Kaswu Oy, Mikko ”OJ” Ojanen (born 1976) has worked in the training industry for almost 15 years. Graduated from the Jyväskylä University Department of Teacher Education as well as the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Ojanen got the spark to develop his Kaswu –training methods working as a telephone subscription salesperson, while completing his teacher training in 2000. His boss at the time was encouraging and in the inspiring surroundings Mikko came up the idea of utilizing teaching methods better also when doing sales. In order for sales work to be successful, your relationship with your co-workers needs to be in shape because the atmosphere of the work community reflects on to the client. As a result of this revelation, the first of three non-fiction books penned by Mikko, the now sold out Kaswu, was published in 2008. The book offers its readers a simple method to improve sales skills and interaction situations in everyday life.

The pillar of our method and the promise we make to our clients is represented in the word “tuplawarmista” meaning DoubleCheck. Why do we spell it with a “w”? This is related to a story from our founding year in 2011. You can hear this story from our clients who insist Kaswu Oy preserve this slightly unusual written form.

Mikko “OJ” Ojanen is constantly on the lookout for better training solutions with his clients and team of experts. Known as a very thought provoking trainer, Mikko said in an interview for Kauppalehti Optio in 2009, “It may be that I’ll never find the perfect solution for developing learning and training, but at least this search keeps my mind alert and active all the way till my retirement days. Continued and persistent development work pre-empts the danger of stopping.”


KASWU & Tuplawarmista

We tailor our training projects to meet the needs, goals and wishes of our clients. We have traditional as well as new training methods at our disposal to support our training projects at their different stages.

Kaswu® - professional team focuses on helping their clients through their own expertise during the training co-operation. Our clients include mainly medium- and large scale companies such as Samsung, Pihlajalinna, DNA, Eltel Networks, Danske Bank, Neste K, Nordic Business Forum, KONE, M-Files, Nespresso Business Solutions, Onninen Express, Rinta-Joupin autoliike, Atria & Cramo Finland.

We begin the training collaboration with our client through extensive mapping of the client’s needs and initial state. The extent and goals of the training are always determined in co-operation with the client.


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